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Jump Start January for your Direct Sales Business - Do a Booking Blitz

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How to do a Booking Blitz

 Our latest You Tube vid in our Jump Start January for your Direct Sales Business is a how to guide on doing a booking blitz.  The benefits of doing a booking blitz for a sales or party plan business are:

  • It's an EASY way to GET PARTYS BOOKED

booking blitz

Wow so that's the three core drivers of income in any direct sales business covered in one simple activity.  The really exciting thing is that doing a booking blitz is very simple and easy and if done right only needs doing once a month. Here is our three-step guide to blitzing - watch the You Tube Video as well for some expansion on each area:

  1. GET PREPARED:  Write your list of contacts out - include all phone numbers incase you don't get them on the home phone - go for a mobile phone.  Not got a large list of contacts yet - then think F.R.A.N.K - friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbours and mothers of Kids your children know.  Also always contact past party hostesses. 
  2. GET BLITZING - Make sure you pick a good time to blitz - a weekend around noon is good - no one should be in the office then! Find a quiet place to blitz and have your diary open and a pen ready.  Note anything you promise to give to each contact - if you promise a catalogue, samples, more info etc.  I don't use a script a script to make calls but there are some great ones if you search online - a script can help you get over calling nerves.
  3. FOLLOW UP WITH ACTION - if you get the party then text the host details of the date and time, send your party pack and do your coaching calls.  If you have a potential recruit send out information or set a date to meet and go over the business and if you make a sale ALWAYS make the order quickly.  Whatever business you get from the call action it within two days so your customers sees your efficient and YOU make income from your hard work.

Try a booking blitz today - I know the hardest thing for me is picking up the phone and making the first call.  I can honestly say though when i finish the first call even if it's a no I feel confident and happy and I just keep on going until i reach the end of the list.  let me know in the comments box below how your booking blitz went and if you need any help please feel free to drop me a line.



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