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Jump Start January in your Direct Sales Business - Goal Setting/Planning

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Goal Setting - Jump Start Your January

In our second Jump Start your January in your Direct Sales Business video we are looking at goal setting.  We touch on the reasons setting goals is crucial to starting your year with positively and offer you some simple tips to help you set effect goals and begin the planning needed to achieve them in 2013. The goal setting excercise on this video should take you five minuets and save you months of empty action and focus your work in January.

Scott and I have start each January by writing a series of personal and business goals and use them to plan our life and business actions for the year.  Some people may think this as too much effort but I don't see how you can hope to get anywhere in life if you don't know WHERE/WHAT you really want to be.  Would you set sail to Australia with out a map, compass or the right equipment; No! So why do we think we can navigate our lives without the faintest notion of where we want to go.  If

Many people ask how we are succeeding with Scentsy in Ireland/UK and have managed to enjoy many rewards, incentive trips etc so far - i would say goal setting is a major reason .  We set a goal of training the best Scentsy team in Europe, we aimed to earn our Scentsy incentives trips year on year & planned to win the Scentsy Annual Mentor Award 2012 - these were no accident.  Once you have a dream/goal fixed in your mind then you can quickly plan strategies and use tactics to succeed. 

So i hope you get some great goal setting tips and feel free to share one of your goals for 2013 in the comments box below.

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