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Jump start January in your Direct Sales Business - New You Tube Series

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Jump Start January in your Direct Sales Business - New You Tube Series

Many direct sales consultants encounter the same business challenges in January so we thought we would share a few skills we have used to successfully 'Jump Start our January'.  We will be putting a series of short You Tube vids on our Wickfreecandles.net Channel over the next few days starting with our opener on the importance of mindset - having a positive one that is.

I think we all agree that the salesperson who says 'I cant sell these products - everyone is broke in January' wont be doing much business.  They wont be doing the business NOT because everyone is broke but because this negative nelly wont be working having convinced themselves that they would FAIL anyway.  January may have its certain challenges to business, and yes sales might not be as high as the peaks of Christmas BUT that doesnt mean people are not wanting your product or willing to spend with you. If you have a positive outlook on January then you will get out there and you are already producing a better result than the negative nellys who are staying home.

To induce a positive mindset you can try making positive affirmations - we list several in the You Tube Vid.  I dont claim to be an expert at them and I do have many doubts and worrys BUT I keep telling myself I will have an awesome january and I already have one party booked using this positivity!   What do you do to maintian a positive mindset - please share your techniques below in our comments box.



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