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24 hr Roman Holiday - Scentsy Style

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24 hr Roman Holiday - Scentsy Style

I recently went to Italy with friends for a mini break - and we enjoyed a whole 24 hours in Rome!  Yes we didn't really plan that very well considering i fell in love with the history, architecture and ambiance of the place.  Of course being an utter Scentsy head i took a warmer and wax bars with me, did some market research and showed off the products to some amazed and interested Italians. 

liberty of the seas - scentsy incentive trip 2013

Of course i get to return to Rome in May thanks to Scentsy, having earned this year's incentive trip - Set Sail with  Scentsy.  We will be setting sail from Barcelona, and visiting Livorno, Rome and Cannes on the six-day cruise with Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Sea.  I have always wanted to go on a cruise so this will be an awesome trip - even if i am only in Rome for seven hours this time.  Maybe i will go back there on honeymoon ;-)



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