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Hello - is it my product your looking for?

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Hello – is it my product you’re looking for?

Many people tell me when I do a Scentsy house party or sales show that I have the gift of the gab and when I do starter parties for our new Scentsy Consultants they worry that they ‘will never do a party like I do it’. I laugh and tell them it wasn’t always like that – I was not born into sales nor was I very good at it when I did begin. But I have been fortunate to learn an amazing sales secret which I share with all our Scentsy Consultants when they join our team – and I will share with you now.

hello - we use it to sell scentsy productsYou see I never wanted to work in sales – I worked in marketing and media relations but never thought I would have the confidence or skills to part people with their money as the sales teams I worked alongside. Well after a move to Ireland I found myself running my own Fair-trade gifts company, Fair Eire. At my first sales event I thought I was going to make a killing – I had a beautiful range of well priced, unique jewellery and bag to sell and spent ages setting up an eye catching display. Well the hours went by and the sales didn’t come and I felt totally dejected.

The organiser came over and asked how I was doing. Well I said it was terrible for me, customers didn’t get my products or had forgotten to bring any money with them as they were not spending with me. ‘They just walk past or worse still come and browse and touch everything and walk off’ I moaned. He smiled and said ‘Try saying hello, it’s a simple word but always has startling results for me. There is nothing nicer than a polite greeting to start a conversation...’ and off he went.

hello would you like to buy scentsy in ireland

Well it seemed simple enough, even for a new starter like me, so I gave it a try with startling results. Not only did people walking past stop to respond, they started browsing and chatting to me about the products and within an hour I had 156 euro’s sold. I looked around the room at the other stall holders and those up on their feet, saying hello and being proactive were taking in the cash, those reading newspapers or hiding behind their displays were doing nothing. Hello was my saviour that day and has led me on to great success in sales.

Hello works on a very simple level for sales:

  • When we hear Hello we will naturally look to see who said it – so i am directing them to look over at my stand in a pleasant way (yelling 'Oi look at my bags' does nothing for customers)
  • Most people will respond pleasantly to Hello and then conversations about your products/services can strike up
  • In getting them to notice your stand and beginning a conversation many people will step over to the stand and view the goods so the conversation can continue
  • Hello is none threatening and pleasant so you’re creating a positive atmosphere around your products which puts any potential shopper at ease.

If you are starting out in sales; good luck and learn to harness the power of hello – you will be amazed how much success and money you will make from using this friendly greeting.

get earning money - join scentsy today

Do you have another way of approaching customers that you find successful – please share it in our comments section we would love to hear from you.



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