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Skydiver about to break freefall record

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Ive been following updated stories about Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner and his mission to break a series of freefall records on the BBC News website.

His giant helium balloon left the ground at Roswell, New Mexico, a short while ago (October 14th 2012) and is currently on a climb that should take it to more than 120,000ft (36.5km).

Baumgartner will then jump out.

The near absence of air at this high altitude means he should break the speed of sound as he falls - a velocity in excess of 690mph (1,110km/h).

The journey down should take 10 minutes, about half of it in free fall.

No-one has ever gone so high in a balloon, nor attempted to make such a high skydive. Felix Baumgartner in my book is a very brave man.

Skydiving is high on my bucket list but I don't think I could go as high as 120,000ft. Where Felix is going, the air pressure is less than 2% of what it is at sea level, and it is impossible to breathe without an oxygen supply.

Others who have tried to break the existing records for the highest, fastest and longest free falls have lost their lives in the process.

However this is Felix goal and dream and he will do what it takes to complete it including the possibility of dieing.

What are your goals and your dreams. Please let us know in the comment box below. The wickfreecandles team also wishes Felix all the best in completing his goal.

Record breaking sky dive

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