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Bucket list - Help Wanted

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your-bucket-list- with-scentsyIs it because we are getting older that everyone around me is talking or doing things on their bucket list or is everyone just so much more planned out than me.  Everyone around me is talking about them, On the Late Late show last week Tubbers had a guest on talking about doing her brother's bucket list in honor of his life, Scentsy President, Heidi Thompson, shares her bucket list with us at the Las Vegas Convention, friends post about having completed XXX on thier lists across social media.  BUcket lists are everywhere and i am getting worried that i just dont have one.

I was thinking the other day about what i could put on it and the mind went unusually blank.  I could write a reverse bucket list no problem:

  • I wont ever jump out of a plane with silk strapped to my back because the thought scares me to death and i may die of fright in the plane
  • I dont want to ride a motorbike fast as its dangerous and i might get hurt
  • I have no plans to go pot holing anytime soon or cave diving - oh the fear of dark and close spaces plus bogey monsters puts me right off!

So i can easily say with conviction what i dont want to do because at my age (late 30's) i know what scares me.  And yet when it comes to writing the list of things i must do before i die my mind is blank.  I think its blank because i am so lucky to have done many things in the last few years that i had always dreamt of doing - seeing Cirque du solie, going to Vegas and San Fransisco, running my own business and so on.  I guess i need to think harder and dream bigger for the next portion of my bucket list as i never thought those things i listed above would happen. So in need so inspiration - how many of you reading this have bucket lists?  Why not share some ideas with me... and help create my new bucket list for 2013.


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