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Another Scentsy Centenary to Celebrate

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100 Scentsy UK Team Members

Celebrating 100 Scentsy UK Team Members for wickfreecandles.net

The Wickfreecandles.net team are celebrating a huge milestone today as we hit 100 members of our UK Scentsy team.  We have been building a team of Scentsy consultants in the UK since we joined on the launch day back in April 2011 and hitting this number is just an amazing achievement and we thank all our team members who have assisted us to reach this goal.

We may be based in Ireland now but we still have very strong links in the UK and love to return there to train our new Scentsy Consultants and host partys.  Our UK consultants span the length of England, selling Scentsy from Leeds to London, Brighton to Birmingham. And then we travel over the water our Northern Ireland team who are booked out till Christmas with scentsy partys.  I am guessing you noticed the two glaring gaps in our UK team, that's right we are looking to recruit Scentsy consultants in Scotland and Wales - do you want to join our Scentsy team?

Scentsy is a direct selling company and a party plan business and so new to the UK that we still only have 700 consultants countrywide.  We have no sales targets, minimum partys to have each month or pressure. Having your own business with Scentsy is just great fun with opportunity to earn significant extra income and make lots of new friends.  If you would like to be part of our growing and very valued team please get in touch with us today here.

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