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Fragrance Friday - Buy Scentsy in five new European Countries

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Fragrance Friday - Tribute to our new Scentsy Europe countrys

Scentsy Fragrance will be on sale in five new european countries from 12 noon on Monday 1 October.  This means that you can now send gifts of Scentsy warmers and flameless candles to your loved ones in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain.  You will be able to add gift tags with your orders, which will be sent by UPS (Untied Parcel Services).  Giving Scentsy works both ways though as your freinds and family in these countries will be able to buy and ship Scentsy Fragrance gifts for a special occasion or Christmas direct to your door using the same website.  We are only selling Scentsy in these new countries at the moment so no one will be able to join as a Scentsy Consultant.

The Wickfreecandles.net team are very excited about the possibility of lots of new customers from far away ands so we thought we would have some fun and pick a Scentsy Bar to suit each country.

Scentsy Austria

With its mountains, crystal lakes and clear blue skys we think the bar that somes up Scentsy in Austria is JUST BREATHE.



Just Breathe deeply as soothing eucalyptus, zesty lemon, and a medley of mints comfort and rejuvenate.





Scentsy France

Whetther you are strolling along the banks of the Siene, admiring the Gardens of Versaille or taking a trip up the Eiffle Tower (with a proposal waiting perhaps) there is no denying that the France is a known destination for those seeking rommance.  So what better Scentsy Bar for the French than GARDEN OF LOVE.

garden of love7


A secret garden of night-blooming magnolia and earthy musk, interwoven with mossy green grass.



Scentsy Italy

Think good food, good wine, ancient ruins and pasta galour and you have Italy in your thoughts.  Italy is a stunningly beautiful country in parts so it seems oonly right that our Scentsy Bar for Italy pays homage to one of its most painted and visited coastlines - AMALFI COAST.

amalfi coast scentsy bar buy


A warm afternoon in a sun-drenched Italian citrus grove: sparkling pomelo, white grapefruit, Capri lime.



Scentsy Luxembourg

Well what can most of us say we know about Luxembourg?? It once had a great pirate radio station, it's landlocked with no Nazy or Airforce and an army of just 800, French and German are spoken in the country.  A greta number of people would be in a bit of a fog if we asked them to tell us about Luxembourg so we choose ENCHANTED MIST as its Scentsy Bar (Fog-Mist...tenious i know).

enchamted mist scentsy bar buy now


Romantic Blend of Juicy Apples, enchanted and sweetened by rose petals and rich jasmin.



Scentsy Spain

When i think of Spain i think sunshine, warm skys, fruit in my cocktails.  I love wandering round Spanish villages with thier bright painted houses, vibrant flowers with thier stunning fragrances and gardens full of orange and lemon trees.  So there can really be only one bar to celebrate Scentsy in Spain - SUNKISSED CITRUS.

sunkissed citrus scentsy Bar buy


Lively blend of oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit.




Scentsy Germany

Yes i know Scentsy Germany has been open to Buy, Host and Join scentsy since we opened on day one in Europe but i couldnt resist sticking in a bar of ZEPPLIN to represent this country.

zepplin bar scentsy bar buy


For those who want to take to the sky: elegantly balanced citurs and sage soar over sandalwood and vetiver.


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