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Scentsy Warmer Wednesday

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Scentsy Warmer Wednesday is a new feature we are launching on our Wickfreecandles.net scentsy Blog.  Each Wednesday we will feature a warmer in greater details - perhaps linked to an event, special occasion or just because i love it ;-)  Our best-selling warmers from the new Autumn/Winter 12 catalogue so far are Loom silhouette, Jane large warmer and Tilia Mid size warmer. 

Silouette loom Scentsy warmerjane Scentsy warmerScentsy warmer - tilia

To start Scentsy Warmer Wednesday off with a bang though i wanted to explain why this product is so clever, safe and worth investing in All our scentsy warmers are HANDMADE in our custom factory in China, the country named after its greatest export.  Here are a few random facts about the production:

  • Each warmer goes through the kiln at least once - this takes eight hours
  • All warmers are handpainted...including all the minute detailing
  • The original mold for each warmer is hand carved by a master craftsman
  • We make warmers out of three types of clay - ceramic clay, dolomite clay and porcelain clay
  • European warmers use a hot plate system because the USA/Canada system uses an iridescent light bulb.  This is due to EU regulations on lightbulbs

If you want to know more about the production process check out this informative You Tube DVD "Rocks to Warmers".

Scentsy Warmers are electric so there is no flame or fire danger from using them.  They only cost about 16 cent per week max to leave on 24/7 and they are a very attractive addition to any home - unlike a half burnt candle.  We have over 40 warmers in the range and you can view all our Scentsy Warmers in thenew shop feature i just finished building for the website.  If you click on them you willbe taken to our e-commerce website where you can read more information and buy them if you wish.

Which is your favourite warmer - why not comment below.

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