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Todays Blog is something totally different.

When surfing the web the other day I came across a website called Ironia Art (http://ironia-art.com/wp/). Nadina who built and runs the website is an extremely talented artist and photographer and is very passionate when it comes to painting animals. As you are probably aware I'm a dog lover so this picture she painted caught my eye straight away. This Dog is called Dinamunde Only Orlanda.

Painting of dog by Iriona Art

Nadina's real passion is horses. I just love her photography and painting on these beautiful animals, you have to check out the painting section on her website to see all her fabulous paintings - http://ironia-art.com/wp/?page_id=13 

horses painting by Ironia Art.com

If I sell enough Scentsy I'm looking forward to getting Nadina to paint a picture of my dog Lilly as a Christmas gift for Scott.  Oh i hope he doesn't read this blog now before it's all sorted...he is rotten for spoiling his surprises.  If you are looking for an unusual Christmas gift then perhaps you might contact Nadina to get a special commission painting of your most loved pets. 

Bluster Scentsy Warmer

If that's not really your thing though i have to recommend getting a Scentsy warmer as another awesome gift idea - oh and it is very safe near pets as there is no toxins or flames.

Check out Nadina facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/IroniaArt . I have just become a fan and I look forward to seeing all the updates.

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Hope you enjoy Nadina's website.






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