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Scentsy Friday Fragrance - Autumn is coming

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I like to live in the moment but there is no denying that Autumn is fast on its way.  Just today as we drove into the countryside the leaves were being blown from the trees.  Luckily the fir trees will keep stay green and give us colour long into the winter months - if you like Fir Trees and the smell of fresh pine why not try our Festival of the trees fragrance with fir needles, white cedar, musk and winter citrus .

Festival of the trees scentsy bar advert

One of the things i miss most about the summer is the shorter nights, now i have to rush to get a dog walk in before tea as afterwards it will be dark.  However much i dislike long winter nights i do love our Autumn Sunset scentsy bar which brings together apples, pumpkins, autumn leaves, and spices.

autumn sunset scentsy bar advert

Another sing of Autumn is the frost starts to nip and the remaining leaves and flowers.  If you love Jack Frost and the nip in the air then you may well love Whiteout with it's exhilarating cool peppermint and sweet apple blanketed over frosty winter pine.

Whiteout scentsy bar advert

I have to say though that as the nights draw in i do love to curl up with Scott in front of our roaring open fire.  There is something very homely and comforting about the warmth it gives off and i find watching the flames more entertaining than the television some nights, certainly it is more relaxing.  Scentsy's Cozy Fireside seeks to recreate our contentment with a mix of warm spice notes and zesty ginger with cinnamon.

 Cozy fireside scentsy bar advert

What do you miss most about the summer and what's your favourite new autumn scentsy fragrance - https://imagelive.scentsy.com/CMSImages/files/IE-EN%20Resource%20Library/Catalogue/R2_FW12_IE_Catalog%20v4.pdf

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