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Party plan is the perfect work from home business

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You may be working full-time and want something to earn a little extra cash for those little luxuries or you may be a stay-at-home mum struggling to juggle childcare costs and working. This is when people’s thoughts sometimes turn to joining a direct selling or party plan company. Working from home appeals to many people, regardless of their background and family/work commitments.

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So, with so many opportunities out there, how do you even begin to decide which one is best for you?

In my opinion there are four important factors to consider:-

1. Choose a product that you would personally use and would be happy to recommend.

2. Choose something that you are passionate about. Your passion for your product will shine through and assist you in making your business a success.

3. Does the company you are considering joining offer continued ongoing training and support?

4. Have you found a sponsor who you feel you will be able to work with and who will be able to offer you all the support and assistance you will need to create, establish and grow your business? Finding the right sponsor is just as important as finding the right party plan company and product.

My Scentsy Story and why I choose Scentsy as the party plan company I wanted to join?

I wasn't looking for a direct sales/party plan company to join it just happened. After a failed Fair Trade business which really hit me hard i was looking for "THE" product to bring in for Christmas.

My ever so supportive partner Scott and our daughter even traveled as far as the USA to find "THE" product. But nothing really caught our eye. We then spent 3 days at the buyers exhibition in the NEC in Birmingham and came home with lots of leaflets and free samples but still nothing took our fancy.

After a exhausting few months of traveling and probably in the region of 5000 (euro/pound) spent looking for "THE" product we decided to just carry on working hard with Scott's business. "Something will come up when you least expect it to", said Scott.

A month later Scott was right. I got a random facebook message from a lady in Maine, USA about this new Wickless Candle product called Scentsy being launched in Europe and there was a meeting next week in Belfast about it. My first thoughts were we have traveled to the USA to find "THE" product so what do we have to lose to travel to Belfast.

Alexandra london convention

In Belfast we met with Scentsys chief financial officer and brother of Scentsy CEO Chuck Thompson. The moment i walked into the room I was hooked on the scent coming from the Scentsy Warmers. Scott was hooked too, not just on the scent but on the chocolate biscuits which were on offer too.

From doing my research on the company, I knew Scentsy was a company I wanted to be involved with. Scentsy moto is to give more than you take, they offer a fair compensation plan with no pressure. The support system they offer is just amazing and the biggest factor on me joining Scentsy was the amount of charity work they do.

On April 18th 2011 I became Europe's fifth Scentsy consultant. After 6 months I then became one of the first Scentsy Directors in Europe and was the first consultant to qualify for the first European incentive trip to Las Vegas with Scott. At the last Scentsy convention in Leeds I picked the annual mentor award for mentoring over 34 top line consultants in my first year and helping 27 of them hit certified promotion (1000 prv of sales). Today (September 10th 2012) I mentor a great team of 232 consultants from UK, Ireland, Germany, USA and Canada. I can honestly say Scentsy has changed my life and anyone can achieve anything in Scentsy.

Scott and Alexandra with X Factor finalists the Estrellas

The thing which most excites me about Scentsy is doing house parties, I just love meeting people and sharing the products and after all it is a party plan business. There is also other ways of selling Scentsy. Events, Basket Parties, Fundraisers, On line (you get a website when you join) are also good ways to bring in a Scentsy income.

If you think Scentsy is the Party Plan/Direct Sales company for you contact me today as I would love to mentor you. My moto is no pressure just fun and the other consultants in my team all work on this moto too. If your goal is just to earn a little extra income a month to help pay bills etc I will help you achieve those goals or if its to build a Scentsy business which will give your family great income for years to come I will also help you achieve your goals too.

Send me a email at [email protected] for more information or check out our social media pages.

http://www.facebook.com/#!/ScentsyIrelandConsultant or https://twitter.com/ABwickfree

I look forward to hearing from you as nothing is better than partying for a living :)



Alexandra Scentsy Director




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