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Sligo Scentsy Team Meeting

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Sligo Scentsy Team Meeting

Being a Scentsy Director in Ireland and being a scentsy director in the UK, we get to travel around both countries meeting and training team members. We travel to differnt areas of the countries each month putting on opportunity meetings and team meetings. Opportunity meetings is giving those people who maybe interested in the scentsy business a chance to come and chat to us and ask any questions, always remember our working style is never any pressure just fun, at the opportunity meeting we dont gang up on you in a corner and force you to do things you dont want to do, its just very relaxed with no pressure.

We love travelling to Sligo to do our team meetings, its such a beautiful part of the world. Over the last few months we have been working hard to get Scentsy consultants in Sligo, Scentsy cosultants in Donegal, Scentsy consultants in Mayo, Scentsy consultants in Leitrim and Scentsy consultants in Roscommon. Our hard work has paid off and we have a consultants in all these areas working away. But we are always looking for more consultants as there is lots of business to be had and not enough Scentsy consultants in the area to match the customers demand.

If you are looking for extra income then contact us today. We are looking for consultants all over Ireland, Uk, Usa, Canada and Germany. If you live in the Sligo area our team meetings take place once a month in the Clarion Hotel (normally at the beggining of the month). For more information please contact me on 087 0645 078 or [email protected] .

We also currently have team meetings in Newry (Northern Ireland), Stamullen (Meath and Louth) and Dublin once a month also and our online team meeting takes place once a month for all team members in England, Wales, Scotland, Usa, Canada and Germany. Again if you are interested in joining Scentsy in any of these areas or countries please contact me on [email protected] . We offer full training and support, with no sales targets and lots of FUN!

All for now, and i hope you will come and join our great team




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