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Paralympions are the real sporting heros!

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The opening ceremony for the London 2012 Paralympic Games took place on Wednesday 29th of August.

paralympics opening ceromony

The show, featuring fireworks, dancing and singing, had a theme of scientific discovery, and was narrated by Professor Stephen Hawking.

60,000 spectators in the Olympic Stadium in east London watched more than 3,000 volunteers take part, including many deaf and disabled performers.

The ceremony, called 'Enlightenment' signals the start of 11 days of sporting competition among more than 160 countries.

All paralympions in my eyes are the most inspiring sports men and woman you will find, it proves anyone can do anything if they believe and put there mind to it.

Man Playing paralypics rugby

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I'm currently watching the paralympic rugby. If these guys can play on of the most dangerous sport in the world with a disability then anyone can sell Scentsy wickless candles.

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