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Climb your mountain - beat your fear

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Scott and Alexandra on top of Mountain

Yesterday we took a rare day off and went walking in the Mourne Mountains - might not seem to exciting but for me it was a huge day as i beat one of my greatest fears! 

I have spent years looking over at the mountains from the beach where we write weekly goals or driving by them to visit our wonderful Scentsy team in Northern Ireland.  I have always wanted to climb up one and see the amazing views from the top but in reality have just wasted years making up excuses why i can't possibly make this.  Excuses i spoke to Scott about range from:

  • I am to unfit now (18 months away from the gym)
  • My back is too bad to climb (I do live with constant back pain from undiagnosed injury)
  • I am to old to get fit (38 and feeling it)
  • We dont have time (I am my boss and still don't take days off...I need to learn to skive)

Then we come to the excuses I didn't talk of:

  • If I try to fail then i will have proved i am unfit
  • If I cant climb and walk then i will age faster and become one of those really unfit old people i see and feel sorry for
  • If I fail Scott will think less of me
  • If I fail it confirms my back injury will never heal and the pain will be forever

Looking at all of these points the only thing is really fear was failing - and that's something we can all relate too.  I say to our Scentsy team members all the time 'Just try it and don't worry if it fails, at least you tried'....mmmm hands up who thinks I needed to follow my own advice?  Well yesterday i did follow the advice and i just went for it - i climb 3km of mountain to the crag i always saw from the road.  It turns out the mountain continues up further than the crag i always saw from the road but reaching my crag stretched me physically and gave me such a feeling of achievement that i did a victory dance (other walkers loved it).

alexandra beats the hill

Now i know i can conquer my back pain and fear of failure there are more walks planned (Bray this weekend as i have a Scentsy party there at night) and of course back t the mountain so i can stand on the top eventually.  I know i am not alone in being fearing failure - i am sure most of you reading this Scentsy Blog can relate to it.  Why not tell me below what you fear and then write back when you do it ;-) We would love to celebrate your success.

Scott up the mountain


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