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Kids go back to school - What is a stay at home Dad to do now!

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Kids back to school- What is a stay at home Dad to do?

Scentsy Director Scott and Carys

Its that time of year again BACK TO SCHOOL! After a long summer of holidays, TV watching, heading out to see friends my daughter got up 3 hours earlier than she has been getting up for the last 3 months and walked out of the door to restart school again.

The one thing i love about the first day of school is watching Carys be perfect. When i say perfect i mean school uniform perfect, all her school books perfect, hair perfect, perfectly clean. She will come home and i will look in all her new school books and her hand writing will be perfect, titles underlined, full stop and capital letters in the right place. She will come home and do her homework straight away in a perfect fashion no nagging needed. Carys was even nagging me this morning about her being late even though i dropped her off 30 minuets before the school bell. The first day of school and even the first week of school Carys looks, acts and is PERFECT.

Scentsy Director Scott Planking

How long do you think it will be until I'm nagging Carys to get up and get out of bed? I predict a week....How long do you think it will take before I'm telling Carys off for watching TV and doing her homework? I predict a week. How long do you think it will take before I'm nagging Carys to get into the car because shes making me late?...I predict a week. Carys is just a normal teenager after all.

I dropped Carys off at school this morning and went to the gym. After 3 months off the school run i needed to get my routine together. I got home at around 11am and there was a feeling of emptiness in the house. Carys room door was open and there was no TV on or noise. With no more entertaining to do what was i to do with my time now? Well the answer to that question was i decided to write this blog.

Scentsy Director Scott lifting up Carys

I know there will be plenty of stay at home mums and stay at home dads feeling blue today and are wondering what to fill there spare time with.

Being a Scentsy independent consultant can fill that gap and stop you from feeling blue. The best thing about Scentsy is there is no sales targets. So if you have a few hours spare this week thats great but dont have any the next week thats fine. You can pick Scentsy up and put it down when you like and when you have time. We (as your mentor) would work with you to help you achieve your goals.

We have consultants who want to have a full time career with Scentsy and we will work with these people to reach there goals, we also have consultants who just want to earn some extra income each month and we will help these consultants reach there goals, it doesn't matter what your goal is we will put in as much time needed to help you get there.

help wanted

Ok Carys is due back in one hour so i best get something out of the freezer for tea and get myself ready for homework duty. But if you have any questions about the Scentsy Opportunity and are looking to fill up a few hours in your day, email us at [email protected] .

All for now

WickFree Scott

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