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Neil Armstrong what a inspiration RIP

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Neil Armstrong - An Inspiration

It was sad news to me to hear that Neil Armstrong, who made the "giant leap for mankind" as the first human to set foot on the moon died on Saturday 25th of August 2012.

Neil Armstrong 

After spending time in the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida in January i was amazed how much inspiration i walked away with, and Neil Armstrong is without a doubt a huge hero in the USA and the world.


Setting foot on the moon is something no one thought would happen and it really does prove anyone can do anything.

Anyone can do anything, its just a matter of mind set, attitude and believing. I have seen this from our Scentsy team. I have seen team members who cant read, write and have had no sales experience and suffer from lack of confidence make sales of over 3000 in a month. This weekend we had a lady who made Director (Only the 6th in Europe) level after only joining us 3 months ago and thats what her main focus was. Anyone can really do anything and Neil Armstrong really sends this message out to everyone.

WickFree Scott wearing Scentsy Tshirt

RIP Neil Armstrong, thank you for being a inspiration to us all.

If you are looking to get that confidence back then come and join our Scentsy Team. Scentsy is changing so many peoples lifes both in terms of income and confidence. Make the leap and contact us today [email protected]

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