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One year on from the day i asked her to marry me.

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I cant believe that its been a year today since i got engaged to Alexandra and on Saturday we have been together six years. Time flys very fast ... even more so when you are having fun.

Scott and Alexandra Scentsy Directors Europe

I remember this time a year ago taking Alexandra for a long walk along the beach (i had the dog with me as a witness), sitting down on a rock and popping out the question. I remember Alexandra face (SHOCK) that she couldn't say a word (there is a first for everything). I was confident enough though that the answer was yes as she had been hinting for the last year. It seemed like an age before she said "ME" she said, "who else" i said? Well she said yes and then the tears started flowing.

Scentsy Director Alexandra Ring

Its amazing that we have been engaged one year and we have not even talked about a wedding date. We know where we want to get married but neither of us are in a rush we were even in the location we want to get married in June and we didn't even take time out to take a look. We love each other very much but we are in no rush!

Its amazing thinking back how quick the year has gone and what we have achieved. When we got engaged we had 2 scentsy team members and now we have built a team of 170 scentsy consultants. Scentsy in the UK and Scentsy in Ireland has really taken off in the last year. We earned the first European Scentsy Incentive Trip to Las Vegas in July and we also became one of the first European Scentsy Directors.

Team Emerald All Stars Leeds Convention

We have met so many awesome people over the last year within our Scentsy team and other Scentsy consultants outside our team from all over the world. The only problem is if these friendships and our team keeps on growing ITS GOING TO BE A BIG WEDDING! I wonder if we can tag it on to an incentive trip of the future?

Well I'm off to spend sometime with my wife to be so have a great day ;-)

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