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AHHH off to the Grand Canyon - day two of Vegas Scentsy Incentive

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I meant to tell you about our second day in Vegas but my father in law came so Scentsy went on the back burner...well i guess that's the beauty of being in a flexible business!

Alexandra on Scentsy Incentive to VegasScott on Scentsy incentive to Vegas

Day two in Vegas started with an early start, tea and healthy yogurt and the donning of our incentive trip winner t-shirts.  Dan (European Director) and even Heidi and Orville had matching t-shirts.  We all piled into the bus and drove out to Boulder, Colorado to catch a ride to the Grand Canyon.  A ride...well when we arrived at the aerodrome i really started to get jelly legs as this ride was going to be in a tiny plane or a helicopter....and anyone who knows me knows i hate flying!!  Well hobson's choice was the aeroplane, which the pilot told us with conviction could fly on one engine all the way to New York, i just hoped it would make it to the Canyon and back.

I need not have worried about being a fool and looking scared as President of Scentsy, Heidi sat in front of me and was hoping not to be icky from the flight.  Well we made it up into the air and after a while the fear lessened - it didn't vanish but at least i could enjoy the amazing vista below us.  Scott of course was fearless as ever but, as with my Scentsy business, he was right beside me holding my hand and filling me with confidence. 

Alexandra smiling through terror ...Scott and Alexandra fly to grand canyon

We landed and then boarded the coach to take us to the lip of the Canyon...now that ride was even more hair-raising the flight.  It was amazing to see which members of the group ran to the edge of the canyon and peered over and which of us hung back, fearing a slip could send us plunging over the edge and a mile down into the abyss.  Strange but at that moment i did wonder if there was a metaphor at play for how we behaved in business as well.  Scott running to the edge and leaning over, ever the entrepreneur eager and lead by his convictions and convinced nothing could go wrong; me holding back and assessing the situation and then treading carefully to one foot from edge ut still worrying that i might fall...

To be honest Krzystof (Scentsy Support for Europe) and i both couldn't bear to go near the edge of the canyon, worrying that people might fall in, and were thrilled when we left to go on to a nearby Indian reservation for lunch.   Our meal was a traditional Native Indian feed with pulled pork, greens and sweetcorn AND the unexpected extra of a full blown monsoon storm.  Rain is a rarity in the canyon with only 16 inches falling in an entire year...and about three inches fell in the hour long rain storm at the Canyon.  Orville said we were the first people on an incentive trip not to be upset at the rain - we loved it and even planked in it!!  Ok the thunder was really scary but all in all it made the day a real adventure.


When the rain finally subsided it was time to leave the canyon via the gift shop (i love this trick) and back on the plane.  This time i was far to sleepy to be scared and just cat napped (and i wasnt the only one to cat nap - who is it sleeping in his cap?). We then dashed back and changed ready to meet our a few of our SuperStar directors - Sarah, Gil, Rick and Dorothy...we had been conversing with them all for the last year but never met so this was a big evening for us....but i will tell you all about it in my next blog.

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