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Alexandra story from my point of view.

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alexandra and her scentsy awards for Ireland

When I first met Alexandra she was very low in confidence. She had a very good job with structured hours of 9-3 so she could be a full-time mum in the evening. The only thing with Alexandra is she didn't work 9-3, she always use to bring her work and the stress which goes with it home. I remember saying to her "why are you getting stressed you need to quit this job you have great potential and talent why are you wasting it working for someone else". I can still remember the look now she gave me; the face said 'Quit and work for myself are you insane Scott'.

Six months later she did quit her job and entered into the unknown. We travelled to Mullingar, Ireland from our home in the UK as I had been offered a rugby contract over here. Alexandra went for several job interviews and was un successful not due to her qualifications but just because shes wasn't local. So she started doing some free-lance PR just to have a bit of independent money for herself.

After a year in Ireland we headed to New Zealand for another rugby contract which was a great experience.  Rugby supported us out there so we didn't really need to work at all. Not working though is not in Alexandra nature, even though she loved spending time with me she needed something for herself. Alexandra started to teach Hungarians and Japanese to speak English privately. I normally come up with the ideas but she came up with this one and got on with it herself in which made me very proud. She also worked as a volunteer in the local fair trade shop.

Scott in his rugby kit

Our New Zealand trip was coming to an end. We loved the country and I got offered the chance to stay on and we really considered it. Alexandra went for a job interview as a road safety officer with a local council, as was offered a job with great pay and working hours of 9-5. WOW A JOB! 9-5 Alexandra was not happy 'I like my lifestyle Scott, I work when I want, with who I want, as many or as little hours I want'. Wow she had really changed over the last 18 months.

So we returned to Ireland where i continued to play rugby. Alexandra decided to go on a start your own business course and set up a business selling Fair Trade (she got the inspiration from her volunteer work in New Zealand). It was great to see Alexandra working with something she had passion for. The business made great money and was great fun. In 2010 it was coming up to our big profit time of the year - CHRISTMAS - well the snow really hit Ireland badly, and no profits were made as the events we did had no footfall as no one to get out to visit us.  The upshot was all our profits and running costs for the year were unsold and the business was in trouble.

In early 2011 Alexandra was really down in the dumps and was working between the UK and Ireland doing jobs here and there.  I was also fed up of playing rugby, OK you get lots of 'Me time' but I felt owned and my coach had a bit of a chip on his shoulder - I wanted out so we spent the early part of 2011 hunting for a new business idea and i used my spare time to run markets and fairs. We travelled to the USA, spent time traveling all over the UK and Ireland looking for the next big thing and NOTHING really sparked us. I can't imagine how much money we spent on our research and we had nothing to push forward with.

A month later Alexandra got a random Facebook message about a new product called Scentsy. We went to Belfast and met with the CFO Chuck Thompson (brother of Orville Thompson, CEO of Scentsy). We loved the business opportunity and the product, the first thing i thought was why didn't the email arrive 3 months earlier!

The rest is history. Today Alexandra (along with myself) mentor Europe's largest team of over 113 consultants (as of 11 July), we having be hitting some serious high team sales, we are off on the first Scentsy European Incentive trip next week to Las Vegas and Alexandra is happier than ever with her mojo back.

Personally its great to see Alexandra with full confidence, but it's also great to receive emails from team members telling us that they have their confidence back and love selling Scentsy.

If you are looking to earn some extra income, gain confidence or have your own independence you should really consider joining our Scentsy team. We are looking for team members in the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA and Germany.

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