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Scott's first internet date...with a man!

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Back in April 2011 a person called Gil Hudson requested to be my facebook friend, I don't normally except people I don't know but i just hit the accept button. Within the same hour Gil Hudson appeared in my chat 'Hey Scott' I turned to Alexandra and said 'Who is Gil Hudson'??.

Gilberto - Scentsy Mentor

Gil Hudson is my scentsy mentor and is the husband of our Scentsy Super Star Director Sarah Hudson, they live in Maine, USA. These guys have been a great help to us on our Scentsy journey so far. Since April 2011 i would say a day hasn't gone by where we have not chatted to each other via chat or had a message in each others facebook inbox from each other. (Alexandra note - Sarah and I think it's a bromance).

I remember friends who internet dated, i always use to say 'You cant meet someone on the internet and get to know them...' and i always use to make fun. Now I realise that I may have been wrong on that score.

I'm glad to call Gil Hudson my friend, not just Scentsy mentor, and im looking forward to meeting him for the first time on 24 june in Las Vegas at the 2012 Scentsy USA Convention. Alexandra is calling my first 'internet date'. I think she's just jealous because she doesn't alway get 100% attention these days (Alexandra note - No because Gilbert's your first thought these days lol).

This friendship simply wouldn't have happened without Scentsy 'period' (Gil says that constantly and it makes me laugh). I'm writing this blog today to let everyone know what great friendships Scentsy can create. Over the last 14 months Alexandra and i have made so many new friends and met so many new people from all walks of life. We love reading our team Facebook page and seeing 'great to meet you for a coffee today' or 'I cant wait to see you all again at convention' between team members.

Emerald All Stars - Ireland/Uk scentsy team

This shows not only can Scentsy bring you a lifetime worth of income but also a lifetimes worth of friendships. Put both together and i think that equals a very happy life and a great business to be involved in.

If you have any ideas on an outfit for my first internet date please comment on our blog (Alexandra note - oh please can i suggest you wear the BLUE SUIT...see below).

Scentsy Scott - dress to impress

And if you're interested making new friends and earning extra cash by joining Scentsy then please get in touch either via email [email protected] or find us at wickfreecandles.net on facebook and LIKE our page.

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