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10 great reasons to join a direct selling company

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10 great reasons to join a direct selling company

top ten reasons to join a direct selling company like scentsy1 - Direct selling companies are traditionally work from home businesses so you dont need a expensive office or premise, you're close to your family so you get to spend valuable time with them too.

2- Flexible hours - work as much or as little as you like, when you like - you are the boss and you set your own targets for sales and recruiting. With our team we dont shout or pressure them - we like a bit of time out ourselves as well ;-)

3 - Low start up costs compared to setting up your own business or buying into a franchise- it can cost up wards of 100,000 euro to buy into a francise and can take three years to get a profitable return. (To join Scentsy in the uk costs £84 or 99 euro for Ireland) and you can be in profit from your first order


Be your own boss- join our Scentsy team in ireland

4 -Be your own Boss - have you always wanted to be the boss? work your hours? set your targets? and not feel your working hard for someone else's pocket? Working your own direct sales business gives you the chance to enjoy these things and much more.

5- You will be amazed what household and living expenses you can claim back by working a business from home - light, heat and phone/braodband costs can all become work related expenses.  And keeping your own tax records is easier than you think - we offer lots of help to our new starters on this.

6- If you put the work in you can earn six figure monthly incomes within three to five years (this is an across the industry norm)

7 - You can earn FREE holidays, cars, cash prizes and much more with Direct Selling company's (when did your boss last give you a all expenses holiday just for doing your day job? Thanks to Scentsy we fly to Vegas all expenses paid for five nights in July)

8 - Become debt free and lower your blood pressure - do you have credit card debt, bank loans, mortgage payments etc you need help with? Direct selling companies can help you bring extra money in to help you wipe out these debts and find more income for the nice things in life - holidays, cars etc

9 - Its fun....Honestly we can say that the best thing about joining Scentsy was the Friends we have made - people from all walks of life who share our aspirations and goals

Join our scentsy team in Ireland-UK-Germany

10 - The Emerald All Stars need you (that's our Scentsy team...nice name huh?) - there is only 600 UK, 120 Ireland and 200 plus German Independent Scentsy Consultants and we are delighted to personally support over 105 of these people with their Scentsy direct sales businesses. Scentsy is so new to Europe its a rare chance to be in at that top - the first in your county, town or social group to take on this work from home business.

For more information of Scentsy or joining the our team of Emerald All Stars please email us.

Well thats my top ten - can you think of any more reasons we missed out - if so please add your comments below.

Bye for now


Scentsy Independent Director

[email protected]

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  1. Scott Watson

    Thank you for your kind words Gil and please feel free to email me anytime with quetions. We dont do pressure its just good fun and we have a excellent support network. Scentsy is really really going places at the moment and its a great time to join

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  2. Gil

    I never knew that you could actually earn a living in direct sales!! It's been difficult with the recession the last few years and I've been looking for an alternative and the fact that the start-up costs are so low, it sounds like you can't lose. expect an email from me with some questions but I am highly interested. I did some research on Scentsy and it sounds like this company is going places!! Great blog!

    Posted on

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