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Happy Birthday - or is it?

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I read the celebration email from Scentsy Inc about being eight years old today and it reminded me about an article on BBC NEWS i read yesterday. Did you know you're 14% more likely to die on your birthday than on any other day of the year! Yikes- well that was the findings of a Swiss researchers from the Univertisty of Zurich.

So i'm thinking why? Is it due to the hanging on to reach a milestone in your life-like 80,90,100?? Or is it due to drink driving home from your birthday party? According to Dr Valadeta Ajdacic-Gross, it's nothing to do with the hanging on in for a milestone but to do with a peak in accidents and suicides on people's birthday.


I would say (touch wood) i will be one of the 86% who wont be dying on their birthday. The only accident i normally have on my birthday is dropping baked bean sauce on my bed covers while having my breakfast in bed and trying to rip open my gifts (i am always a kid on my birthday).  Opening is one thing we love about birthdays isn't it' but buying them for loved ones is rather less joyful. Remember the youtube video i did  about Alexandra birthday?  well for her present i ended up in 12 different shops spending lots of money to try to get the right things, where 3 clicks on our Scentsy website i would have bought a gift i know she would have been amazed with for a lot less money. You might think me biased as i love Scentsy products but i know how many new customers contact us to rave about them and then start gifting Scentsy themselves.

If you want to send a gift online from our website (www.wickfreecandles.net) you might like to know that:


- Our website is a secure payment site


- You can view our full catalogue and frangrance discriptions on th site


- You can send you gift direct to your loved one with UPS for a small shipping fee


- You can include a gift card note with your order using our special templates


- You can order for delivery to the Uk, Ireland and Germany and we will be expanding into europe shortly


If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected] and to keep up to date with special offers etc please like our facebook page



If it was your birthday tomorrow which warmer would you like, let us know below?


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