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We top 100 with Scentsy

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14 months in and we hit 100...

Our Scentsy team, The Emerald All Stars are celebrating a milestone today as we hit 100 Scentsy consultants, based in the UK, Ireland, and the USA 9number 100 was from Hawai.  This is a great achievement, not just for Alexandra and I, for the whole team and we would like to thank them all for their friendship and hard work along the way. 

Scentsy launches

When Scentsy UK/Scentsy Ireland opened we didn’t have the first idea of how direct sales worked and this time last year we only had 2 team members (Alexandra note....the lovely Linda and Tracey). With the addition of another 98 consultants in the team over the last year I wouldn’t say we have become experts but I would say we have learnt a lot of new skills on the way. 

Despite it being a recession the Scentsy wickless candle has become a hit with sales hitting a record high this month of over 20,000 Euros for the team.  Given that most retailers will tell you sales dip in those months starting with a J I think this shows the HUGE potential of Scentsy as a home business.  Our 100 Scentsy consultants are enjoying building successful businesses, some of these will go on to produce full-time incomes for people, most will provide holidays/cars and much needed financial stability for families.

So what next?

Well that’s 100 in now I’ve had a mini celebration and now it’s back to work. We are looking for team member 102 (101 came in straight after 100), if you need some extra income selling a great product with full support why not give us a shout today about joining the team emerald all stars. This time next year you could be celebrating having 100 Scentsy team members in your team. Contact me today at [email protected] for more information on Scentsy, joining the team or using direct sales to make extra income.

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