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Beach Money the Scentsy Way

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 When my Scentsy Super Star Director Gil Hudson told me he was too busy to chat (for once) as he was busy reading a new book called Beach Money I knew I had to purchase it.  I liked the title....mmmmm I was already daydreaming about all my money and free time!

 Beach Money didn’t disappoint either.  This book teaches you how to live the beach lifestyle of whilst still earning. Jordan Adler the author of the book travelled the world building his business, writing his goals and enjoying a growing bank balance which he termed ‘beach money’. Jordan created his beach money empire through direct sales and is not ashamed to have done it that way.  I was now hooked on this book as we are trying to build our Scentsy Wickless Candles business up to be a beach money business

1,2,3 easy way to Beach Money

There is no secret to Jordan’s success with direct selling (after 11 failures he is honest about); in fact it’s pretty simple;

-          Sell a little

-          Recruit a little

-          Teach your recruits to do the same and repeat this every month for 3-5 years and you will be earning beach money.

You don’t need a degree or education to earn beach money you just need persistence and the make it happen attitude.

The retirement trap

People work their whole life for a dream of being 65 and retiring to the beach, which is fair enough as that’s what we have been bought up to do. But imagine working five years and having enough money and time to do what you want in life, this sounds very attractive to me and probably does to others too. I know it sounds too good to be true and because of this people put it into the scam category but really it’s not. 

Joining us and our Scentsy team can help you make your beach money, but more than money you will get TIME and CHOICE in your life.  Money in the bank paying the bills, school fees, mortgage etc means you don’t have to work as many hours.  Your new found income can be spent in your free time doing ANYTHING you want.  I love working in direct selling because my beach money business works around my life style and commitments requiring as many or few hours as I want to put in.

Fancy it?

If anyone fancies joining me on the beach in five years time please get in touch with me today and I can tell you more about the Scentsy opportunity.  In our Scentsy team, The Emerald All Stars, we don’t do pressure we just offer full support and training, but most importantly we have fun. Scentsy is now recruiting in the UK/Ireland/Germany/Canada/USA/Puerto Rico and Guam.  Other European countries will open soon so get in touch for more details

See you on the beach; Gil Hudson is buying the cocktails

 Wick Free Scott


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