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Practice what you preach

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Having just finished the ‘Four Hour Body’ by Timothy Ferriss I had a renewed desire to shift my several kg of unsightly body fat.  OK if I am honest I am also off to Vegas in 30 days and then to the UK/Ireland Scentsy convention and I don’t want to rock up as a total porker.  Looking good does equate to feeling good!  I read Scott’s blog on healthy eating and we decided to take Tim’s ideas and work it into our lifestyle and diet.

There was another reason for wanting to change my health style - I have spent the last few weeks reading and digesting (pun intended) lots of business and psychology books.  The common bond shared by successful entrepreneurs, regardless of creed or culture, education or religious leanings was they all undertook to take regular exercise and eat healthy.  Richard Branson, when asked ‘what else can we do to increase productivity’ at a meeting of his Virgin board said ‘Work Out....’  

I has been shown that working out can increase your creativity and concentration levels dramatically, thus improving your output and entrepreneurial abilities.  We know that eating well can stave off heart issues etc, lower sick days but I was surprised to find out that it can also ward off depression (yes studies show that we produce 95% of our Serotonin in our guts!). 

There is another reason for trying to follow Scott’s diet advice - I think leaders should always practice what they preach.  History is littered with examples of people who lived by their creeds and those that didn’t.  Scott and I now mentor a team of over 100 Scentsy consultants (The Emerald All Stars) and we like to lead by example (practice what we preach).  If I am recommending we try a new party game, walking up to a stranger and introducing Scentsy or a new time plan I need to have tried it first.  I just don’t think you can mentor or advise if you don’t know what you are on about/ haven’t tried it/ won’t try it. 

Having tried things gives you empathy and experience which can only improve the way we run our business.  So I am on a diet now...oh and I hate diets! BUT I need and have to get fit as I want to look and feel good and be around long enough to spend my Scentsy cash.  And if I am encouraging Scott to tell people about living and eating well – then I guess I have to practice what he preaches.  Wish me luck guys and if I pluck up courage and do well I might even share my before and after photos ;-)

Bye for now...72KG Alexandra

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