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Eating good is a big step on the journey to success.

When I first met Alexandra she would miss her breakfast, rush off to work and eat a plate of chips and some mayo for her lunch, after a long day come home to a takeaway or cook something which was not very nutritional and spend the rest of the evening in front of the TV (perhaps snacking).    (.At least she ditched the breakfast of champions, a cigarette and oodles of coffee, which she lived on for years)  I have nagged, cajoled and, at points forced her, to eat a better breakfast so she has more energy and perform better in her work.  I know there are countless millions of people out there who don’t equate working well with eating well – but for me it’s a cornerstone for productivity and success.
When you think of the human body you have to think of it as car.  All cars need fuel, good fuel as well, would you set off to drive up a mountain with the fuel gage flashing red - No you wouldn’t.  So why do so many of us make the journey to work with our personal fuel gages flashing on red???

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I can’t stress this enough. When you wake up the first thing you should think of is breakfast. Don’t listen to your stomach listen to your head.  It takes approximately 15 mins to get a good healthy breakfast sorted (5 mins if you’re an eating animal like myself).  Easy option would be a bowl of porridge with some raisins/banana in it, low fat milk and a bottle of water to hydrate yourself. Easy!  Get your breakfast in you within 20 minutes of rising and make it as ‘slow carb/high protein’ as possible.

The common excuse I hear for not breakfasting (breaking our fast) is ‘I don’t have time’. If you don’t have time it’s simple, make time. Get up half an hour earlier than you usually do.  Getting up half an hour earlier to have this energy lifting breakfast will do wonders for your day.

Throughout the day make sure you eat every 3 hours, drink lots of water in between.   Hydration is critical for concentration and I will cover this issue more in another blog.
Eating every three hours doesn’t mean cooking up a big meal, I mean snack on fruit, zero fat yoghurts etc but keep the metabolism pumping which gives energy for your brain to run better.  
Here is a meal plan for myself which I try and use every day.

Porridge with fruits in it (dried or normal)
Protein Shake (ok I have this as I am 6ft 9in and it’s a big body to fuel)
1 Litre of water

Snack (often)
Fruit with Zero Fat Yoghurt

Jacket Potato with Tuna/Cottage Cheese or Baked Beans (Don’t forget the salad as well – 1/3 of the plate should be a fresh salad!)

Fruit with zero fat yoghurt and afternoon protein shake

Brown Pasta/Rice with chicken or steak and some vegetables/salad
Evening snack
Protein Shakes and fruit

Of course I have OFF days where I eat fun things – pizza etc but those days should happen on non work days
That’s a diet I try to stick too and I do understand being self employed it can be hard to stick to a diet as you can be all over the country ( I think it’s hard to stick to a diet if you are a ‘normal worker’ too.  Office canteens, business lunches and snacking/coffee carts etc don’t help at all).  But when you eat out try and stick to the wholemeal foods.  And I can’t stress this enough but drink lots of water throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated.
I will blog again on the power of water but for now I am off to play in the pool with my family (ah the joys of remote working ;-)

Bye for now
Wick Free Scott

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