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Pressure Free Scentsy Party Nights

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“Excuse me Rambo I want to show you something”.  This was my welcome from the first stall at the local Turkish market yesterday. “Which do you like” he says.  In front of me was a stall of Hugo Boss, CK, Tommy Hilfiger aftershaves and perfumes.  “Here’s my gift to you” he put in one box of after shave in my hand, “If you buy this one for £20 this is my gift”, he said this as he put a second box in my hand and on and on his sales patter went. I came into the market to top up on the fresh fruit and veg and within seconds of entering the market I was standing with two boxes of aftershave in my hands.  Worse still I just wanted to run away from him as fast as possible....even if cheap replica aftershaves were my thing the hard sell would have driven me away.

I was relaying the story to Alexandra later when she laughed and said ‘I think some of our Scentsy customers must have attended home shopping parties run by students of this man, going off the tales they tell me anyway.’  She went on to explain how pressure is applied to buy goods ‘because your host wants to make her free gifts quota’ or that ‘everyone can buy something tonight even if you’re not well off’ or her personal favourite ‘well you know who your biggest friends are from reading the orders’. 

With our Scentsy parties, Alexandra and the team are trying to undo some of the damage done to the party plan image from these pressure techniques. ‘All the ladies had fun and you didn’t pressure anyone – thanks so much for that’ read one after party text.  Another said ‘I know xxxxx didn’t buy tonight but she will be in touch when she is paid and appreciates all your time helping her pick out a potential order’.  These texts also come with requests to come back again when the new catalogue is launched or with promises to recommend us to friends for parties.

I am sure the tonnes of FREE and HALF PRICE goodies our party hosts get also encourages them to have another Scentsy Party.  I also think they look like loads of fun (I am Alexandra’s chauffer to partys etc) with loads of laughter, talking and games/giveaways.  Heidi Thompson describes her first experience with Scentsy, standing round talking about memories from smelling the Scents and this is most enjoyable experience is replicated at every Scentsy party I have seen, both in the UK and Ireland. 

If you would like to experience Scentsy in your home and want to host a party we promise no pressure, just fun and laughter.  Parties take around one to two hours and cost nothing for you to host.  If you would like more information on our generous hostess gifts or how you can host a party please drop us a line here.  We are happy to travel anywhere in Northern or Southern Ireland to do a Scentsy party.

Well i am off now to run the gauntlet of another market and try to avoid being sprayed in the eyes with cheap perfume.

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