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The simple secret to a successful direct selling business

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The simple secret to a successful direct selling business

As you start to build a ‘successful’ (AKA large) Scentsy team, the most common question you get from other consultants or your own down line is ‘how do you do it?’  The answer is simple:

  • sell a little,
  • recruit a little
  • and repeat this every month, teaching the people you recruit to do the same thing

No honestly it is really that simple (of course if you want a bigger pay cheque change the little for a lot).

I remember telling this secret to a consultant outside our team and the look on their face when I just told them the simple rule was a picture.  I could tell they were thinking that Scott and Alexandra are talking rubbish; that we never give away our secrets.  Well I’m afraid that simple rule is the way to do it and it is to be found within the covers of all the get rich and DS books we read as part of our self development.

The next, most asked question is ‘how do you recruit?’, well I’m not going to give away any secrets live online, but I can say again it is far more simple than you might think and it uses skills you already have and use in your everyday lives.  However if you become a member of our team we will show you how to recruit and how to build a good solid business from your really small investment of £85/99 euro for your starter kit. 

How can I find out more about joining your Scentsy team in UK, Ireland, USA and Canada? Simple ....just drop me a line here.

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