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The Countdown to Las Vegas Begins

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The Countdown to Las Vegas Begins

I can hardly believe that this time five weeks Alexandra and will be in Las Vegas on our all expenses (yes including flights) trip awarded to us by Scentsy.

I wouldn’t say Las Vegas is top of my list of places to go in the world (I’m not really into going to the tourist areas).  In fact Alexandra has been nagging to go there for years but I was adamant I wasn’t paying to play on slot machines.  However I must admit I’m more excited about this trip than any other trip I have been on in a long time (and those who know me know I get away whenever I can).

I watched the video Alexandra made from her mobile phone of when the trip was announced at convention last year this morning.  Ok I was shaking my head at the usual loud screams she likes to do when she gets over excited, but the video ran for 43 seconds and the last thing I heard on 41 seconds was her loud voice shout out “I’m coming”. Guess what ... four months later we were both going!

Alexandra came home from the 2011 convention determined to make that Scentsy Incentive trip to Vegas happen and when she’s determined all I really have to do is sit back and relax and watch her go out and get it. Well I didn’t really sit back on relax I put in the miles too but I knew we were going to get there.

A lot is planned for our Las Vegas trip. Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon (ok I think I am paying for the helicopter bit just to terrify Alexandra), dinners out, show nights, Scentsy convention in Las Vegas and private shows from the Cirque de Solei, Colby Callett and Elvis (yes the King is playing at one of the Scentsy partys).  We are also really looking forward to meeting the guys who have been supporting our business venture for the last 14 months, our up line Gil and Sarah Hudson, Charity Harris and not forgetting a few of the consultants who are big distributers in the company and the team.  I also look forward to meeting the company’s founders (Alexandra raves about them) Orville and Heidi Thompson, as these guys are an inspiration to all.

We finish the trip with a plane journey up to San Francisco, California to do some sightseeing and relax before we head to Leeds for the European Scentsy convention (with many of our team members).  I’m sure it will be 10 days which will fly by, but I’m sure it will be 10 days of great fun and will give us memories that last a lifetime.  In case we are having too much fun in Vegas to say it – THANKS SCENTSY!


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