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From a sweet start up to the sweet smell of success

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Back in my school days I was always into making some extra income. I used to buy refresher sweet bars from my local shop for 10p take them into school and sell them for 20p making 100% profit.  My start up cost were £5 so 50 refresher bars and the plan was to make £5 profit. I suppose that sounds good for a 13 year old child. But it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

I had to learn which flavours sold and which didn’t; sometimes I would over buy and sometimes under buy.  Probably the biggest mistake made though was on the days I ate my profits; sometimes even before I got to school. I would say my refresher venture costs me around £50 (thanks to me eating the profits) in the two weeks it ran for. I didn’t make a loss and probably broke even, but when you think about the time I put in (30 mins every break time) it wasn’t really worth the effort.

So in 1998 it cost me £50 to set up a business selling refresher bars which didn’t make any profit in the first 2 weeks. Refresher Bars now cost 20p and I don’t like the sound of anything under 100% profit so I would have to sell them for 40p to make 100% profit. So that mean my two week venture today would cost me £100 and all I would have to show for it would be a trip to the dentist.

The biggest thing I learnt from my refresher business experience(apart from never to go into the food business as I would eat it all) is that being in business is not just about buying products, selling them and putting the profit in your back pocket/house/latest holiday.  To be really successful in business it takes time, effort, a good idea and hard work.

After being involved in many other start up business ventures myself (we are only talking small businesses here) I can reliably say it can cost around 30-40k to set up a small business and once (if) you make money you have to re invest that profit to make your business grow further.   This is a lot of money to find, let alone risk on a new start up business venture – especially in the current economic times.

There are however businesses out there now geared to willing entrepreneurs who are willing to invest their time, determination, drive and will power ( if not the income) to become wealthy and successful.  These businesses are reputable direct selling businesses, who offer you a business in a box, with maximum support and minimum investment.  I work for one such company, Scentsy...hang on I work for myself (with Alexandra) with the backing of Scentsy!

The great thing about setting up a Scentsy work from home business is that for £85/99 euro you have a risk free business in a box. You get everything you need to get your business started. You don’t ever have to invest another penny, you don’t have to carry stock, and you take the money upfront and order the product.  You have all the tools provided for you in your starter kit to be able to sell all the products Scentsy has to offer. The other added advantage is you get a free mentor to help you build your business also.  Oh and did i forget to mention it only open in the Uk for a year and scentsy has been in Ireland just 7 months... so this is a real groundfloor business opportunity.

This business is recession proof and offers people a real chance to make great money, get more free time for family and living and enjoy their work.  This is has been a much maligned business idea, I know as Alexandra and I were both guilty of labelling DS companies pyramid schemes etc before we really researched them and choose Scentsy as it is the most ethical in our opinion. 

I have heard stories from friends who have put in 100k of their life savings into a business and lost it all 2 years later. I have also had friends buy a franchise for 10,000 euro and don’t expect to break even until year 3.  We have closed two businesses already as they turned unprofitable as the downturn continued – but the one keeping us afloat is our Direct Sales business with Scentsy (as I said it is recession proof business model).

With Scentsy you pay your £85/99 euro and if you take our advice we will have your money back within the first 2 weeks after this its profit all the way. There are also different ways of making money with Scentsy with zero investment needed, just follow the simple advice we give and you will be on your way to a successful future for you and your family.

If you are interested in more information on Scentsy and the business opportunity then please feel free to get in touch via the contact tab on the website.  Join our recession proof business today.

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