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Scentsy man signs full time contract

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What a great feeling it is now to be a full time Scentsy man at last.  After supporting the family with other business ventures (craft fairs, murder mysteries, security and body guard work and much more) to help get the Scentsy businesses going it has now come to a point where these can all take a back seat.  I am now very excited to be able to pursue the Scentsy dream full time with Alexandra.

Most of my friends who know me well were stunned when I became an entrepreneur, working for myself but this latest career move has left them all floundering somewhere between hysterical laughter to asking if I am feeling ok.  I guess I can see their point - at 6 foot 9 and 130 kg I was bashing people all over the rugby pitch this time two years ago and now I’m selling a range of fragrance products and smelly cuddly teddy bears.   A total career move for sure but if I’m honest I’m happier than ever.  The days of crawling up the stairs after a hard hitting game are over bring now I start my days  lying on my bed reading business books with a Scentsy warmer at my side.

The last 12 months have been a great journey; I have seen Alexandra grow as a person, both in confidence and ability.  She has found a happiness and joy in her business that I thought you only read about in these business books.  If I needed additional proof about how Scentsy is a fun business though I just need to look at our  91 team members (and growing daily) who are all happily growing new businesses and making money and new friends in equal measure. Most of all though they all have FUN!!!!!

The upshot of my move to Scentsy is you will be seeing plenty of my blogs from now on – a male perspective on our Scentsy journey.  I look forward to sharing the fun that Scentsy brings us with you all.

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 scott making a speach

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