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Help wanted   WOW when we got our first Scentsy team member way back in May 2011 (the lovely Linda) we had lofty ideas and huge dreams of making a team of over 500 people.  Why 500 you ask....well in Robert Kiyosaki he talks of the quadrant of employment in which we are all, unless unemployed playing our part in.  Most people are in the E section of employment, safe and secure it may be with regular paydays BUT it wont bring you a fortune or the freedom that you want to do things when and how you want. 

  Scott and I left this quadrant a few years ago for a place we thought was nirvana...S or Selfemployment.  A place that promised great rewards in money and a feeling of control over our destinys.  Well i can tell you after several failed businesses and some working days lasting 20 hours, with little financial reward the S can stand for other things too!  Self employment left us facing homelessesness and living on a diet of baked beans for life.  Well then came the chance to move the big money areas of the quadrant - B as a business owner was where we wanted to be.


Now a business owner by definition is Bill Gates, Richard Branson and other people with at least 500 employees and a great business idea...Scott and i were far off this.  However there is another way to be this Business owner and we hit on it when we joined Scentsy.  A direct selling company allows you to build a team to become a big business using someone elses great idea.  In our case we joined the company set up in 2004 by Heidi and Orville Thompson and now have a team of nearly 100....so thats only another 400 ish off being the big business owners we needed to become. 

500 is not the end of it though as we have joined a company very early in its growth in Europe so there is so much possibilties for the business going forward.  Not only this but Scentsy are a direct selling company with ethics (they have won DSA awards for them).  They wont pay us unless we keep on working and building our business - there are no lazyboy legacy cheques in this company.  And we respect and want it that way - we lead from the front, always trying new ideas, learning and developing....dont you want your bosses to be like that??  Well the other advantage of always growing past 500 is that when we are financially free (earning enough never to worry about money) in around three to four years we then get to move to the final quadrant. 

By Investing our hard earned Scentsy money in new, exciting real esate, wine, paintings or what ever we can afford and enjoy we will increase our income significantly.  This is how the rich people make real and lasting incomes....and it is all possible by taking a leap and joining a direct selling company.  OK so i want you to take the plunge with us and join our team and perhaps become our 100th team member and beyond.  We promise you unrivalled support, training and fun - yes FUN.  As Confusius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

To find out more about Scentsy in Ireland, Uk and beyond please drop me a line here.

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