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So long.....since I last wrote a Scentsy blog!

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Wowser it’s been an age since I wrote in my Scentsy wickfreecandles.net blog...way to long in fact but I have been a very busy lady.  Since we last wrote I have seen the better part of half of Ireland.  In the last few weeks, in pursuit of Scentsy sales and new team members, we have been to Kilkenny, Port Laois, Ennis, Sligo, Ballina, Belfast, Cork, Dublin (Finglas), Mullingar, Carrick on Shannon and  probably a few more I can’t remember now.

The fruits of this labour (well I was the passenger and Scott was doing the labour AKA driving) have been several more people joining our Scentsy team, great sales and some parties to boot.  Not only that but I have meet loads of great people and seen some very beautiful sites across Ireland.  It’s not a bad old job being a Scentsy Independent Consultant when you become a part time tourist as well as full time Scentsy Director. 

The next few weeks are quieter for us – mainly because the car needs a new timing belt after its exertions over the last month or so.  And that’s where our Scentsy commission will come in rather handy as we wouldn’t just have that kind of cash lying around.  Hopefully there will be enough change to book our ferry to the UK for July so we can drop kids at the babysitters and catch our flight to Las Vegas (the all expenses paid trip we won with Scentsy). 

Well i am off now to chat to a few more potential recruits which will see us travelling to meet them in.....ahhahhahha i think i will keep those locations under wraps for now.  After all we don’t want to jinx things ;-)

If you are interested in joining Scentsy in Ireland, UK or USA or want to book a Scentsy Party for this summer please message me.

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