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The Wickfreecandles.net team love to uphold the Scentsy motto of 'giving back more than we take' - we do this through our fundraisers. We can fundraise for any club/charity or cause that matters to you, your club, school or community. 

How does a Scentsy Fundraiser work?

  • With a Scentsy Fundraiser, Scensty Inc don’t give you money - the consultant hosting the fundraiser donates a chosen percentage of the commission they would have earned based on sales made under your fundraiser. 
  • I supply you with fundraising packs (they contain money collection envelope, fundraising catalogue, order forms and a letter explaining what your fundraiser is and the benefits of buying Scentsy products) based on the number of participants
  • I can hold an informational meeting for parents/participants to display how Scentsy works & answer any questions you might have before you go out fundraising
  • We set the dates for your fundraiser. I will bring you the packets, everyone collects orders, and I will pick-up the packets & place the order. I will receive the order within 2-3 weeks max then package and sort them by participant, and I will deliver them back to you to distribute – we text out all your customers to advise them delivery is imminent if you provide mobile numbers.  
  • Your organisation or club will receive a cheque for the amount raised following our commission run on the 10th of the month after the fundraiser. There will also be a special prize for the highest seller.

 What does my organization have to do?

The only thing you have to do is provide participants and distribute & gather packets from the participants.  You also need to hand over the orders after we bag them up.

How much would our club/charity make?

Depending on the number of participants (the more the better), your organization can make quite a bit.  With this fundraising opportunity, I am willing to donate 100% of my commission (20 %) to your organization I will increase my donation to 25% if your group collects over €2250 in orders (as we get a sales bonus for reaching this amount). 

So if your organisation sold over €2250 worth of Scentsy goodies I could be giving you a cheque for over €550.

If you have any questions or want to set your fundraiser date, please let me know! If you know of any organizations that you think would love to benefit from my fundraiser, please send me their information, or kindly give them mine.


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