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Being the first with Scentsy can work

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Just heard a phone call from the seventh ever Scentsy Consultant and her husband, they joined Scentsy on 16 July 2004, 16 days after the launch of the company.  They had NO Catalogues, NO Starter Kit, NO online ordering system or website to rely on - and most of all they had NO product recognition to rely on for sales.  They started off with events and parties and through determination and never pressuring people to buy the product or join their team they have become millionaires!  Yes that's right in nine years they have built a team of 78,000 people (ours is 66 now) and have four people working for them, helping run their team.

They made me reflect of the opportunity we have with the Scentsy launch in the UK and Ireland.  We are in the place these people were nine years ago - Scentsy will spread across Europe and beyond over the next few years and we are the very first into region two.  That means the people who join now are the flag bearers for the company and the first consultants in each country/county/town and village.  That's an awesome thing to be a part of and being the first means you also have the opportunity to capitalise on this untapped market.

I also realised how fortunate we are to be dong this nine years in because as new Scentsy consultants in the UK, Ireland and Germany we get access to a huge amount of tools/products and support from Scentsy.  AND we get the benefit of the practical advice and guidance from our upline and Directors who have done this all before. If you want the chance to be financially free, give your children a better life and enjoy your life to the full you may want to join Scentsy as we start the next chapter of the Scentsy Story here in Europe.   To find out more about becoming a Scentsy consultant in Ireland, UK and beyond please contact us here.

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