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Beauty salons, spas, hairdressers and holistic therapists are moving away from traditional jar candles, votive and tea lights to use the new and safer alternative; Scentsy warmers and wickless candles.  Scentsy warmers are proving a hit with the beauty industry on a number of levels:

  • Safe to leave on around customers as there is no naked flame or hot wax as Scentsy warmers/fragrances only melt at 52 deg c so there is no soot or toxins created just fragrance
  • Cost effective as each bar will deliver three weeks of high quality scent - that's a staggering 504 hours of fragrance
  • The warmers cost no more than 15 cent/ 12.5 pence to run per week
  • The warmers all create a beautiful yet safe ambient light to set the mood throughout the spa or saloon
  • There is no danger of glass holders breaking/ flames spreading or any other issues salons and spas may have suffered using candles
  • Scentsy warmers are more attractive than sooty jars and we have 66 handcrafted, ceramic designs for you to choose from
  • All our warmers come with a 30 day money back guarantee and 3 year warranty

If you are a salon/spa/hairdressers or provider of holistic treatments and therapies and you would like to know more about how Scentsy can bring safe, cost-effective fragrance into your business please contact me here.  We are also happy to come and do display events or why not host a Scentsy party in your Spa or Salon and enjoy the FREE and Half price hostess gifts we offer.  Finally if you want to make extra income then why not sign up with us as an Independent Consultant so you can get paid to party with Scentsy.

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