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Host a Scentsy Party and Get Free and Half Price Gifts

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Fun Candle Parties with Scentsy - Host One for Rewards

host a scentsy uk party and earn free and half price rewards

Whoop Whoop there was huge excitement here yesterday when our third customer rang, and without promoting booked their Scentsy house party for May.  It is so exciting to see our work, promoting and selling Scentsy, across the UK and Ireland is now paying off.  With three dates gone i still have 28 days for you to book your scentsy party with me.

Scentsy is great because the parties are simple, fun, and interactive! You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, would you? So why would you buy home or fine fragrance without giving it a sniff? The best place to test drive new warmers and scents is at a Scentsy party, bar none. You bring together friends, food, and fragrance—how could that not be fun?

And a Scentsy party is the only place to find out just how different your noses can be. The same scent can be passed around the room and receive “best fragrance ever!” applause from one side and “who would warm that?” disapproval from the other. No matter if you agree or disagree with your neighbor’s opinion, it’s sure fun to hear what they have to say!

As well as having a smelly time with your friends we also play a range of great, fun games and give away lots of great goodies.  Our hostesses are well rewarded for hosting a Scentsy party with our hostess gifts.  We give our hostesses FREE product credit and access to half price goodies as well.  A 500 euro party (that's an average party for us in Spring time) will generate enough hostess credit and half price gifts to secure the hostess THREE large warmers and NINE wax bars for free - that's over 150 euro's worth of free gifts for opening your house up for a few hours.

Please drop us a line if you want more details on hosting a Scentsy party please drop us a line here.

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