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Join our UK Scentsy Team - Now Taking on Team in Ireland

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Become a Scentsy Consultant in the UK and Ireland

join scentsy uk and start your own candle business

Wow April is not over yet and already we are celebrating having nine new consutlants joining Scentsy and our team, The Emerald All Stars.  These nine new Scentsy consultants joined us from England, Northern Ireland and Ireland and are already making great sales and even recruiting teams themselves. 

I asked some of the new recruits what drew them to Scentsy and they said:

'I just love Candles and have loads all over the house, but this such a clever product i just wanted to show it to all my friends and family'

'Honestly i just need the extra cash - things are tight for us now and everyone i showed the product to loved it'

'I wanted to get a bit of ME back....i am sick of being a mum and wife, so now i am also a Scentsy Consultant and i love having this just for myself'

'I wanted free S warmers and i can get this just for selling to my friends and family'

'I love the products and the fact i dot have any sales targets, when i cant do the Scentsy no one is pressuring me - it really does fit into my life and around my family'.

It you want to find out more about becoming a UK Scentsy Consultant our want to join us in Ireland, Germany, France, Spain or Austria then please contact me here



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