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Lack of wisdom may have robbed me of my inspiration!

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Well my website is now approved by Scentsy Inc so I can blog all I like about being a Scentsy Consultant in Ireland and the UK, how safe this wickless candle product is and...erm, eh, ahhhhhhhhhh!

Oh great i have run out of inspiration right at the very point i need it most....and I am left wondering if this is a side effect of losing my wisdom teeth.  Yes that's right, i have no wisdom's thanks to a very talented dentist in Cabra and a lot of pulling yesterday.  And i also have zero creativity and a wandering mind....mainly wandering around the kitchen cupboards wondering what i can possibly eat without making my mouth hurt even more. 

Well i guess i just need to appreciate that working as a Scentsy consultant allows me to work around my life, family and lack of wisdom teeth.  Today I can take it easy and rest in time for the Scentsy party I am supposed to be presenting on Friday.  Thank goodness I can work my Scentsy business with my partner Scott, in fact anyone can share their Scentsy business, as he may need to talk for me and play the party games if I cant open my mouth without grimacing. I am sure all the lady's will enjoy Scott explaining our wickless candles and warmers range, and explaining how our 80 fragrances are made.  Thank goodness he is not shy and knows Scentsy inside out as well....oh and he is a great nurse too.

MMM kitchen cupboards are calling again....time to get the blender out I think. 


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