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What a difference a year makes...

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Heidi, Orville and Alexandra  Its been almost a year since i took a leap of faith and became the fifth ever consultant to join         Scentsy on its European launch.  I was asked to reflect on my year the other day for a Scentsy consultants magazine article and it made me realise just how much I have achieved and grown running my business with Scentsy.

 Back in April 2011 I had a failed business behind me and was struggling financially with no new business on the horizon, despite looking everywhere for ideas.  Then i got an email offering me the chance to see Scentsy in action at an opportunity meeting.  From the first time I smelt it I was hooked - I knew it would be huge in europe, but even more importantly I felt the company would treat us properly and they offered a very fair compensation plan.  By that I mean I always have to work to earn my money - I cant just build a team and sit back and earn from them, this was something i detested in other network marketing companies.


So day one i signed in and from that day onwards i have enjoyed a new focus, something to be passionate about and a new way of earning income.  everyone knows how happy i am now with my work and how much i love seeing our teamlings grow and belive in themselves.  More than this we (Scott and I) have enjoyed real and lasting successes which have helped me grow in confidence and ability.  I am proud to be a director of over 60 Scentsy consultants in Ireland & the UK, many who i call friends.  It is a great feeling to help other people grab this opportunity and grow both personally and financially.  It only took us six months to become the third Directors in europe.  We have won the incentive trip for two to Las Vegas and will enjoy it this summer, and if my calculations are correct we have qualified for the Scentsy Annual Mentor Award as well.

I was asked to pick my high spot of the year and had to many to list, but i really think the best is yet to come.  Scentsy is still almost unheard of in europe so we can expect rapid growth over the next few years.  This means our team members will be at the forefront of this amazing opportunity and many lives will be changed forever.  Wow what a year it has been with Scentsy and I thank my lucky stars that Scott and I are a part of it.

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