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Want to Work from Home? You will after reading this!


I went on an interview for a job today and when the boss asked what I wanted for compensation I replied:

 1. First, I would like a minimum of 25% commission on everything I sell and a 5% bonus if I do well

 2. I expect to receive a 190 euro bonus for meeting goals within my first 70 days

 3. I would also like the opportunity to earn free merchandise every month based on my sales which i can then sell for 100% profit and loads of half price goodies - because i can give them away as gifts and it will save me a fortune at xmas and birthdays

 4. I expect you to provide me with an online shop, website plus free online training and leadership training in great places like Mexico, USA, Ireland etc

 5. If I bring in and train any new sales people, I think I deserve a 9% bonus from your company, and if they train people they get this too.  Also if they do well, when we first start, I expect that you reward us both with free product bonuses.

 6. I would like the opportunity to rapidly advance within the company - possibly becoming a director in six months or so

 7. When I do well, I expect LOTS of praise and recognition, plus free products, special awards, fabulous trips to Punta Cana, Vegas and other fab desintation - oh and can bring someone special with me for free - and finally more cash bonuses!!

 8. I would like my friends and family to work here also and get the same pay and conditions as me

 9. By the way, I need to set my own schedule and work only when it suits me and my family - and take time out to relax and chill when i need headspace!

 So... when can I start?

After the owner recovered from shock, he ROARED with laughter, "Alexandra, you can't be serious! You're dreamin'! You'll never find an opportunity like that ANYWHERE! And if you do...come back and get me bacuase I want to work with you!" 

If we did walk into a job interview and ask for any of those things on the list we would be LAUGHED out of the room - but why?  Every company in the world should offer us at least some of those things - like lots of praise, Bonuses for a job well done - and yet most of us are just feeling thankful to cling on to our jobs these days.  Life doesnt have to be like this, honestly there is another way that allows you to be your own boss and with hard work and dedication (just like you give in your JOB NOW) you could have the life you only dream of.  The way is by choosing to work from home and you can do this by starting with a reputable direct sales or network marketing company.

Scentsy consultant and work from home business owner, Alexandra Wickfree, walks stage in las vegas

I started my own work from home job with Scentsy, a USA based INC 500 company that specialises in flameless candles, electric wax warmers and fragranced gifts.  I am making money online and via home parties and couldnt be happier, i am finding new confidence in my abilities and my family can join in and help me with the work as well.  Scentsy is a new work from home job in the UK and Ireland and you can find out how to become a scentsy consutlant.  Please  contact me today here and find out how you can beat the boss and get your Scentsy business started today.



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