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Disney and Scentsy Announce Global Deal for Fragrance Collection And More

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The Magic of Fragrance Meets the Magic of Disney

 New Disney Collection from Scentsy Launched

Have you ever wondered what Mickey Mouse should smell like or if Ariel had a signature scent what it would be? Disney fans are always posing those sorts of questions to each other on their groups and boards.  Now these questions will now be answered thanks to Disney and Scentsy partnering in a global deal to produce a line of fragrances and Scented cuddly toys (scentsy buddys).  The partnership was unveiled at Scentsy's global Convention at Anaheim just this week and will allow more than 100,000 Independent Scentsy Consultants across 11 countries to sell the Disney Collection


'We've worked very closely with the Disney product design team to deliver an incredible lineup of characters with signature fragrances that fit within the imaginative storytelling of the Disney brand,' said Heidi Thompson, Scentsy president and co-owner. “We couldn’t be more excited for Scentsy to align with Disney, one of the world’s best, family-oriented brands. We know Scentsy Consultants and customers around the world will be thrilled.”  

 new Disney Collection From Scentsy Launched by Thompson Family

The new Disney Collection from Scentsy will include fragrances and plush children toys featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Hundred Acre Wood, Disney Princess and Disney•Pixar Finding Nemo to begin with.  

Disney Pixar Finding Nemo Collection


“We couldn’t find a brand that better matches our aspirations and values. Family-friendly, industry leading, creative, artistic, to warm, enliven and inspire are words from Scentsy’s mission statement, but these words could be used to describe the standards Disney has set for the world,” said Scentsy Co-owner and CEO, Orville Thompson “Where Disney creates powerful memories through parks and entertainment, our products will help people remember and re-live those experiences through fragrance.”

 Alexandra Wickfree meets Mickey Mouse - Scentsy Buddy


Several special-edition products are now available to buy including the Winnie the Pooh - Scentsy Buddy and Tigger - Scentsy Buddy which come in a gift box with a free scent pack of Hundred Acre Woods.  The collectors edition of the Disney Princess Wax Collection from Scentsy in an embroidered pink velvet bag is also available until 31 August for Scentsy Party hosts.  The full Disney Collection from Scentsy  goes on sale from our website on 1 Spetember 2018.

To view all these exciting products go to our e-commerce website at https://wick-freecandles.scentsy.ie/shop/c/8162/the-disney-collection-scentsy-products  Want to Sell the New Disney Collection From Scentsy - Please contact us now to find out how you can join Scentsy. 

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