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Mix Your Own Scentsy Fragrances with our New Accord Warmer

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Three's The Magic Number With

New Scentsy Accord Warmer

Mix scentsy fragrances with New Accord Scentsy Warmer - Buy Scentsy online in Uk/Ireland/Spain

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Our candle fans have been mixing their favourite Scentsy bars together for ages, creating their own unique blends and even naming them.  This inspired our Scentsy Signatures which are blends we recommend in our catalogue but now its time to take it to the next level by launching ACCORD. 

The Scentsy Accord Warmer, available in white or gunmetal grey, was designed to take your creativity to a whole new level.  With three seperate warming bowls, each with its own on/off switch, you can control the fragrances you melt and even make your own new candle fragrances.  Three really is the magic number with this Accord Scentsy Warmer as it allows you to either:

  1. All At Once: Warm three different scents together - creating new fragrances unique to you
  2. Mix And Match: Warm one, two or three different fragrances, at different times - you choose the combination
  3. One At A Time: Enjoy you fragrances all buy itself and pop a cube in each dish for maximum frargance

You can turn each of the three warmer dishes on individually allowing you to put lavender in a dish for night, zesty lemon in to wake you up and vetiver, for example, in to chill you out during the day.  Its frgrance on your terms and if you need a little inspiration for mixing your own Scentsy Fragrance Blends then here are three of my favourites.

Scentsy Signatures are frargances you can make blending scentsy bars together in our new Accord Scentsy Warmer

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