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UK & Europe - Scentsy Indigo Limited Edition Fragrance Collection Launches 8 August in Europe

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Scentsy Indigo Fragrance Collection on sale

in UK and Europe 8th August 2016

Scentsy Indigo Limited Edition Fragrance Bar Collection Launched August 2016


We are thrilled to introduce Scentsy UK and Europe to Indigo, a collection of brand-new fragrances inspired by the history, mystery and beauty of the colour Indigo. Embark on a journey through fragrance and history, colour and shadow, mystery and mood.

Why has Scentsy Created the Indigo Collection?

At Scentsy, we’re always exploring new ways to elevate, stretch and sometimes completely reinvent sensory experiences to make them more delightful and inspiring.  Heidi Thompson, President of Scentsy, dreamed of offering an exciting and multi-sensory experience by blending fragrances with dramatic imagery and colour.  The colour Indigo inspired her to explore this new way to experience fragrance so much that Heidi took it a stage further and curated a musical playlist on Spotify. 

How can i experience Indigo Collection from Scentsy?

Now you can experience the magic of Scentsy fragrances through three of your senses:

  1. Scent - enjoy six original scent bars
  2. Sight - view our indigo video below and stunning exploreindigo.com site to see the magic of Indigo
  3. Sound - listen to the Indigo inspired Spotify Playlist here

Read more about the Spotify playlist and Heidi's inspiration behind Indigo here.

Where can i buy Scentsy's Indigo Fragrance Collection?

Indigo fragrances will be sold as a set of six Scentsy Bars in a beautifully designed box with a scented postcard.  Indigo goes on sale 8 August for £33/€40.50, and will only be available while supplies last from www.wick-freecandles.scentsy.ie.

Whether you’re feeling bold and daring, confident and serene, meditative and mysterious, impulsive and energetic, or every mood in between, explore Indigo.

Each Indigo set includes six Scentsy Bars in a stunning gift box with a scented “Be Inspired” notecard.

indigo cotton – Chambray on a clothesline: Breezy, clean, serene.

indigo spirit – Violet petals on whipped meringue: Rich, creamy, indulgent.

indigo petals – A crown of flowers: Fresh, vibrant, playful.

midnight indigo – An expansive starry sky: Sultry, intoxicating, mysterious.

indigo ice – A wintry landscape: Chilled, woodsy, invigorating.

indigo berries – Sun-ripened, sugared berries: Sweet, tart, bright.

Buy Scentsy Indigo Fragrance Collection Online in Uk and Europe - wick-freecandles.scentsy.ie



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