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Scentsy Electric Wax Warmer Reviews - Zen Rock Warmer

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 Review of Scentsy Zen Rock Electric Wax Warmer 

Scentsy zen rock electric wax and tart warmer

Inspired by tranquil spa rocks, the Zen Rock Scentsy wax candle warmer combines sleek modern design with the soothing, organic tones of nature.  The rock has a textured feel to it and is handpainted and sandblasted to resemble a rock from nature.  I love the way the cute dish for melting Scentsy candle bars in is cut into the rock.  There are not lights in this warmer so its perfect for bedrooms and also spa and beauty rooms where you might not want distracting lights.  There is a fun video review of this Zen Rock wax warmer at the end of this blog.

To buy the Scentsy Zen Rock Warmer in the UK you can click our secure e-commerce website link here and type Zen Rock into the search bar (we havent shared a direct link incase it gets broken later on): https://wick-freecandles.scentsy.ie

To buy scentsy in the UK you will need to click the flag on the top right of the website and change the country choice to United Kingdom and click Select language to confirm.  Then you can shop for scentsy products with direct shipping across Britain, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.



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