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Scented Candle Bars Review - Clean Breeze Wax Melt

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Scentsy Clean Breeze Scented

Candle Wax Bar Review

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clean breeze scentsy scented candle wax melt review

Do you love the smell of fresh clean washing or love slipping into clean sheets at night? Then you will love our Scentsy Scented Candle Bar Clean Breeze.  This wax melt with its white florals with a touch of spring reminds me of lenore, comfort or persil.  We sell candle wax bars, scent paks and car bars in Clean breeze fragrance as well as a range of clothes washing liquid and washer whiffs in same fragrance.  You can buy your Scentsy Clean Breeze Fragrance Products here.  You can see our short video review of Scentsy Clean Breeze candle bar below.

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