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How to build a successful work from home business

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How to Build a Sucessful Direct Sales Business -

10 great tips from Wickfree Scott

wickfree scott is a direct sales and networking marketing trainer and entrepreneur with scentsy

The most common questions the Wickfrees (that's Scott and i) get asked at Scentsy events and in general life is 'How can i be as succesful as you guys and make money working from home?'  I am sure many people are just wanting us to give them some magic solution or help them find a bypass for sheer hard work and determination but there isnt one.  If you want to make money online, have a succesful small business or be the worlds greatest party planner or the next royalty in network marketing then you are going to get down to some hard work and be patient because real succes in direct sales takes time.  

Now Scott and I have learnt a lot in our five years as leaders and mentors with Scentsy and i am keen to see that you all succeed so i am going to share a few tips below.  I am also going to share a call Scott did for our team the other week giving our top ten tips to build a succesful work from home business.

  1. Be consistent - you can't open your shop when you fancy.  This is direct selling that means part-time not sometimes.  If you don't work your business for at least 1-2 hours every single day you wont be putting in the hours needed to drive success, build a customer base and build a large enough direct selling team to earn a decent income.  
  2. You are the sum of five people you hang about with most - These five people, whether you hang out online or in person are your circle of influence.  You want to make sure that circle contains with five driven, excited, motivated and positive people who support your choice to be an entrepreneur and work in Network Marketing.  Put aside the negative nellys, naysayers and even family members who put you down and undermine your confidence.  You dont have to ditch them but you can sideline them to hang out with those people who want to build you up.
  3. Never compare your chapter one  to someone elses chapter 50 - Comparison is the thief of joy for many people.  So many people say 'Oh my business is tanking i just dont seem to be able to be like you' and then they get downcast and quit.  Honestly your business wont be like mine after 3-6 months i have worked mine every day for 5 years, i work with my best mate so there is two of us. Do you get the picture - comparing your business in a fledgling state to anyones wont help you or offer you the inspiration you need.  Be happy with each success you have and never think that you are not doing the best you can.
  4. You can help 1000 people but you can't carry three (Jim Rohn) - ok so we borrowed this inspirational quote for the big man himself and a huge inspiration to us, Jim Rohn.  YOu can lead a 1000 people with your inspiring words, behaviour and through great training and support but NEVER EVER carry people.  The direct sales and network marketing industry works because you work - it is about people becoming self-employed and doing things for themselves.  They have to motivate themselves, carry themselves, work hard and have goals big enough to carry them through the hard times. Carrying your team will simply wear you down and tire you out so dont do it.  If they can't be bothered to work, have goals and make it happen when they bought into a business to change their lives then let them go.  There is always about 33% attrition (people leaving every month in direct sales so just let those with no real desire to enjoy financial freedom go.

For the other six great tips to help you run a succesful network marketing or direct sales business please listen to Wickfree Scott's call which i have placed below and like and subscribe to our you tube channel - and make sure to subscribe to the wickfreecandles1 you tube channel for more great videos and calls to drive you making money online and party plan businesses.  Do you have any other tips you think we have forgotten? Please share them in the comments box below.  

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