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Now is the Time to Join Scentsy in the UK and Ireland as the Company Enjoys Record Growth

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Scentsy Candle Business Explodes Across UK and Europe

Join Scentsy in Ireland - start your own home candle business

It's been five years this April since American party plan giant, Scentsy Fragrance, launched in the United Kingdom and we are now enjoying explosive growth.  We have grown from just six consultants on launch day, 17 April 2011, (I was consultant five) to over 3800 consultants across europe, and sales are breaking records worldwide as our region experiences the highest increase in year on year sales.  Having been here from the start i can tell you there has never been a better time to join Scentsy in the UK and Ireland; if you want to be a work from home mum this is the time to start your own candle business with us.

Here are a few statistics that will show you the level of the opportunity we are offering you if you start your own fun party plan business with us.

  • 1637 Scentsy Consultants in Britain - so consultant now has 32,376 customers each (i struggle to cope with 1000)
  • 552 Scentsy Consutlants in Northern Ireland - So each consultant now has 3281 customers each (over 3 times what i manage over a year!)
  • 911 Scentsy Consutlants in Scotland - so each consultant now has 5812 customers each (WOW we need more joiners in Scotland)
  • 76  Scentsy Consutlants in Wales - so each consultant now has 3927 customers each (Join scentsy in wales now its on fire!)
  • 110 Scentsy Consultants in Ireland - so each consultant now has 5812 customers each (41772 customer each... 41% what i now manage)

(the figures above were produced by diving the country population (Wikipedia) by the number of consultants)

  • Sales wise we are up over 150% year on year in the European Region
  • Month on Month we are up over 50% 
  • In our personal Scentsy Team, The Emerald All Stars, sales are now increasing at a rate of 125% per month year on year. 

I hope these figures can give you an idea of the potential business you could have if you decided to buy a Scentsy Starter Kit and let us train you as a direct seller.  These figures are a tiny snapshot of the growth we are now experiencing right the way across Europe and they blow me away.  Since 20122 we have expanded across Europe so you can now start a Scentsy Business Austria, France, Ireland, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom with the possibility of expansion into Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands being talked about in the future.

Personally I have experienced great success since joining Scentsy in the UK.  I have been able to retire Scott and bring him in to help me with my business, have another baby because i could be a stay at home mummy full-time and become financial secure.  Together we have support over 2000 people globally to start their home based direct sales business with Scentsy and travelled around the world to train team members.  We promoted to the top rank in Scentsy and became Ireland's first Scentsy SuperStar Director and one of only 200 in the world.  Best of all I have found confidence and happiness in helping other people to become succesful entrepreneurs with Scentsy Fragrance, making friends around the globe and finally becoming a work from home mummy.  

If you want to more information on joining Scentsy in the UK or our other locations please contact me for our free home business information pack.



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